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Landmark Valuation is proud to provide a wide variety of appraisal services for clients throughout the beautiful Province of Prince Edward Island.


When you’re preparing to buy or sell a home, a piece of acreage, or a commercial property, you need to know the real value of that investment so you know how much to offer or how much to ask. And that’s where we come in. While many buyers and sellers trust in the knowledge of a real estate agent when making an offer or determining an asking price, as a professional appraisal company, we have access to in-depth market research and comparable property data to help come up with the most accurate valuation of a property. Our fees will seem insignificant when you see the money we’ll help you save or earn. We know property value, so put us to work for you.


We’ve performed commercial valuations on strip malls, development land, office buildings, condo units, hotels, warehouses, and restaurants. We’re called on by major lenders on a regular basis to perform commercial appraisals in Prince Edward Island, and we’ve also been called on for consulting on various commercial acquisitions. You’ll receive a detailed, customized appraisal in a timely manner that will suit your needs while giving you confidence in the value of your investment.


Prince Edward Island. The Million Acre Farm. Of our fair isle’s 1.4 million acres, approximately 594,000 of them are cleared for agricultural use. According to the 2011 census, there were 1,500 farms in PEI ranging in size from a couple of acres to 3,000 acres. We have experience in appraising both conventional and organic farming operations including potato, dairy, hog, poultry, small crop, and orchards.

Assessment Appeals

If your heart stopped when you opened up your last property tax bill, it might be time to appeal your property assessment. If your taxes are higher than expected, you might be eager to find out if the value placed on your property is actually fair. We can conduct an appraisal of your property so that you can appeal your property assessment. If we prove you are over assessed we can get your tax bill lowered. Contact us for more details about assessment appeals in Prince Edward Island.

Litigation (Foreclosure, Divorce) Appraisals

Who gets the house? What’s our house worth if we sell it and split the profits? Those are two of the many questions that often arise when a couple decides to divorce. In either case, a property appraisal will likely be ordered by one or both parties. Because divorce doesn’t tend to always be a pleasant activity, it’s of great importance that a divorce appraisal hold up in court. We are experienced in conducting these types of appraisals and know how to delicately handle the sensitive details that will be involved in this type of litigation.

In the case of foreclosure appraisals, there’s often a rather significant difference between quick disposition value and fair market value. That’s where we come in. We help lenders and homeowners understand the real value of a property that’s being foreclosed upon.

Give us a call to discuss how Landmark Valuations can help in your litigation.

Expropriation Appraisals

In Canada, the government can decide to purchase a private property (in whole or in part) for public use. That’s called expropriation. If this is happening to you, you will want to have a property appraisal conducted. We are familiar with expropriation in Prince Edward Island and will ensure that you receive what is fair for your asset.

Appraisal Review Services

There probably isn’t much need for us to go into detail explaining what an appraisal review is, is there? Just in case, we’ll go over it real quick: If you’ve had an appraisal conducted (by another appraiser) and are questioning its validity, we can review said appraisal and offer our own insight. Sometimes it pays to get a second opinion!

Appraisal Consulting Services

A professional Landmark Valuation appraiser has many years of knowledge and experience for you to tap into. We consult on a wide variety of projects, whether it be a feasibility study for a new subdivision, how much value may be added with a particular renovation, or what your dream house might actually cost to build. Give us a call to see how we can put our appraisal experience to work for you.


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